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yahoo news useless with tooltips

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I can't read the tooltip with the other one on top, is this a firefox bug or is the anchor  aiotitle useless here?

Sunday, Jul 3, 2005 - 05:00pm (PDT) 0 Comments | Permanent Link

login some

Most websites, private or business have big problems getting the visitor to register at the site. Peeps hate filling forms and it isn't very save? Now I'm not looking for a form filler, more like a module for the forum software. So the yahoo server only sends a token to let the forum know I'm logged in.

Just like the M$NET-passports(that cost a fortune to use).  I think that would make a good combo with the subscription search thingy?

A user base is a big can-o-worms for the web designer. A 1 click subscription api for cms developers would be a hot item. I bet they will do all the work and pay for using it. :D

I would just like some way to store other log in id's with my yahoo id, The normal "passwords in the mailbox" doesn't look so advanced I think? Doesn't have to be a one click thing just a place to store em. What if users had a mailbox feature limited to known registration-related email addresses?

Make em pink or something. LOL