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And still nothing new.....

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I don't like endless beta's but things are starting to look like everything is permanent here.

We've been using our Blog Comments page to track all your great feedback. Really. Keep it coming.

Dude, you only have 3 posts in your team blog, your comments page looks the same as the blog. I know your debugging but it's probably better to make something new.

Another thing about blogging,

There are way to few topics in this blog, they lack content and those comments that do cover the subject (Welcome, The Fixes, Bits from the Team, Messenger, Blog Often, Beta Now Open, New Blog Comments Page) are way to hidden for you to ever find em. Make a post about each feature so we can comment on that. Then you can read comments about stuff thats on the work bench, if you post a reply you will see more comments in that location.

<sarcasm> Maybe we should all post like you do here? 1 time every few months or so, who cares right? </sarcasm>

The truth is: This is the main blog of the lot, it makes an example of how a yahoo 360 blog could look.

I'm trying to make something nice here, why don't you remove the link to this blog (from all pages) if your not interested in making something of it? I made 50 times as much postings is the same time BUT the link on my page that is pointing here is 3 times the size as the one pointing at the content of my blog. Getting to the middle of my blog takes 50 clicks. But getting here is 2 clicks from any page. This comment is closer to my profile as 99.7% of my postings,  Do I really have to remove posts to make navigation possible again?

I've posted another idea in my blog:
Could I have some feedback? I promise to read it ok?

post a comment!