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the taste of plastic

If sex wasn't so great we would not be here at all, if you feel this is your goal in life you badly need to be replaced by a new generation. Nature is so smart! Fucking a rubber or masturbation are not reproduction at all, it may feel like it. It's not. So if the reason why your here (reproductional sex) some how spawns the error/thought this is your goal in life(reproductional sex). You are already pretty retarded. But the thought a reproduction ritual without reproduction could be natural, logical, make sense or be acceptable is just hilarious. HAHAHAHA ! I guess eating plastic bags helps against hunger to. I could fill in my life with what I eat. I only eat K-mart bags, they are just more tasty and make me feel whole. It's just the way I am. BWHAHAHA Now the next step is to talk about the bags all day and make a dress code to be part of the bag eating clan. Oh, and you better not make jokes about my baggies, it's real food damn it, maybe if you ventured out of your comfortable niche you'd realize that.! I'm not hungry anymore so it's real. The fact that every one agrees I'm crazy doesn't mean I am... O wait it does.... LOL !!!! The the tax cuts for marriage are based on our economic need for educated kids. Kids with 2 mums or 2 dads will have horrible lives. I only had a mum and I'm pretty confused already. I had to send the poor woman back to the store 3 times to get underwear that fitted. Fun question people ask kids "what kind of work does your dad do?" Now lets try imagine how gay men would define ovulation. Brest cancer? Those poor kids! What the F* are we making a gay marriage government record for? I remember something with Jews in WWII that made us burn and shred all records. We agreed on never ever making a record like that, and now we do? Hitler wasn't impressive or something?

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