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Blog formula

Can only comment blogs you read, should at least try to visit the blogers that visit yours.

Reading more blogs means more visitors. Not just anyone, the bloggers that make those awesome blogs you read will now visit and comment yours!  People like Ms Nom..., fmpabon, Victor..., Eltmon, pl8lun..., Maccise, Platte..., Missy ..., 孙雪欣, neal, ®Eggie, PureVi..., Guilla..., 'Techie jim', Jeremi..., Alex M..., Steven..., atom, ronnys..., Dirty ..., Lionel, Verses..., DucSlo..., Trifon, Lara, Amy N, Lady Di, Monk P..., Jeff B...

They made comments so I want to visit them to. Image To do this propperly I need newsreaders, the view all updates page is almost as good as a real reader but I do want to read/track blogs from non friends to. To expand my friendliness.

You could compare my webbased rss reading formulla to my yahoo. My page has 80+ yahoo 360 blogs on it and the news items are sorted by time and date.  I win?