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360 title max 30 chars


                   I can't make a title in 30 chars. It's not just that some languages have words that are to long for that. The title makes us read and not-read posts. 

Entry for August 03, 2005
is already 25 chars! a space a : and 4 digits like 01:15 is not allowed!

Entry for August 03, 2005, 11:30 am ?
I was trying to title my post just now. I wanted:

Do chat windows need a username on each row?
43 chars!

Any shorter and it doesn't describe the post anymore. I've seen lots of posts named:

longhorn now Windows vista
as they wanted to write:

longhorn becomes Windows vista
31 chars! But I would like to add some more words to that. Like:

longhorn becomes Windows vista, an expensive joke?
Thats a title! Then know what you will read. Get it?

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