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How Cool are Custom Keywords?
I love good web tools but a browser with a huge toolbar isn't very handy, I do use the Yahoo bar and the Google bar it's just that they take a whole lot of space. ALT +VTG Hides and shows the google bar ALT+VTY hides and shows the Yahoo bar and ALT+VTB does the same for the bookmarks toolbar folder.  The  navigation tool bar I  don't need at all. I just have the adress bar besides the help button. And a row of tabs. Now in order to still search for things I really really need to get the quick searches sorted out. Figure out how keywords work true above link open your bookmarks in the sidebar and drag my alphabet letter by letter (skipping those you don't like) into a quicksearch folder. You then open the bookmark manager and edit the letters one by one to have keywords that are 1 letter long. Then (for example) you can type f moon in the url bar press enter and get the  moon taged flirck images. Or try type o banana to look up the word banana with the one look dictionary search.

The rest of the browser tools are a waist of time.Image