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Microsoft fanclub

RE: Kyle K. Blog: The End


Gaby de Wilde said...

Microsoft fan?

You appear to have forgotten they stole most of the products in working order, prevented anyone from writing software and still do this? You argument sounds like "Microsoft knows everything". I'm sorry but it's closer to not knowing anything.


Thunderbird is a million times outlook, Open office is a million times MS office. Firefox is a million times IE.

That leaves about nothing we've payed for? DOS?

MAC is a million times more logically structured as the windows operation software.

Should be able to see that marketing is the main skill exploited?

I still say, they didn't have the skill to create a hardware based OS. It's pure anarchy, the os is like a law written in pencil in order to be finished later. This was ok (even cool) in 1995. Now as a small side effect anyone can change anything on your pc now. Is this acceptable?

Microsoft bankrupted thousands of honest businesses.

Would you say that was a really cool?

Lets make the credit card records public! O-JOY

I would think it's not acceptable? This kind of errors could mean the end of the world?

If you look at open source one can clearly see what real development can look like. Something for a government to manage. Not an extortion tool for commercial enterprise.

All users could make the things they need and share it! (Think educational software)

The statement "Microsoft did all this miraculous works" is false and should be revised.

Imagine windows is a private garden, we pay to get in and are not allowed to leave the path.

Now a garden we all work in and contribute to could be a thousand times more fantastic.

you could plant your own tree and dig your own lake.
How does that compare to "you cant walk on the grass"?

Programmers are not allowed to create anything useful.

Hackers make a great indicator. They are clearly able to find windows imperfections but are not allowed to develop anything. We cant use random software because of the virus risks. So what ever useful program anyone makes we do-not-need.

No: "thank you very much for making it".

just: I-do-not-need

I could make my own version of pacman but no one would ever download it. Thats why your version 2.0 of my pacman game will never happen.