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Firefox or Opera?

I so far think Opera is quite a lot faster and it doesn't hog memory,

firefox has an google bar,yahoo bar, and ask jevees bar that doesn't compare so well to google adds.

The way it looks to me Opera has really horrible UI design.
So horrible it's not better as firefox (that has no user interface design at all in my opinion.)

I hate how I have to hold down 100 keys to do shit in Opera. Like hold right mouse + wheel. This means I have to customize it to be non-right handed. Unlike firefox, it doesn't actually scroll to the page at all, all it does is puts a popup on my current page and scrolling doesn't show anything unless I let go of the mouse button. Way to much moves to see the tabs I have open.

I view thousands of pages and find using multiple buttons to move from 1 page to another horrifying. Like firefox has ctrl+page up, USELESS. Operas Ctrl+F6 cant even be pressed with 1 hand not to mention shift_ctrl+F5 it's even worse. Better is not the proper word.

If the interface designers had a typing diploma they would know this means I have to use the small finger of both my hand. How productive!

YES, now I know - they both suck - HAHA !

Firefox is a dumb memory hog that takes all day to display pages. I've closed all but this tab and it's still 160 MB

Opera with voice! "sorry I did not understand,sorry I did not understand,sorry I did not understand"
It's either my voice my microphone or the lack of a "read page" button. I did look for one. I can't find it.

Opera doesn't support drag and drop at all, it has it's own button dragging farm but to drag a simple bit of text is to much to ask?

I'm starting to grow some respect for that old IE thing, it appears to be pretty advanced for an application that old.

I can drag links to IE from pages on the fox, but the fox only understand the dragged urls from the adressbar. Opera only understands shortcuts dragged from windows but doesn't have any way to create/drag shortcuts onto the desktop. The adressbar has no drag feature and the text in it can't be dragged either.

Maxthon can open 50 links in one drag from any place.

To wrap it all together, I will use 3 different browsers for a while now (enough room on the desktop) and if they start sucking (like I'm pretty used to by now) I will use the others.

Firefox is nice to open a few 100 pages but it gets slow and needs to be terminated 2-3 times per day.

The google bar in IE has better search word highlighting and it does load the google page a lot faster partially cuz I don't have it save my search results like on firefox.

Opera is very cool for viewing 4 pages per monitor. The resize feature is something special. The speed of the back and forward is about 1000 times as fast as the fox. This explains perfectly why it's tabbed browsing is so horrible. hahaha

What is middle click in the fox is shift+alt+enter in opera.

Maxthon natively opens all links in a selection, thats 2 clicks for something that takes 70+ clicks in opera. Maxthon opens whole menus at a time, opera opens 1 link and even terminates the current page.

Firefox has the linky extension but that generates a popup after picking a sub menu in the right click menu. Then it cries about opening more as 99 pages. Maxthon allows browsing as 500 are loading in the background. Opera freezes alike the fox if I open 20+ pages at a time (from the bookmarks).

LOL, I'm going back to webspeed reader. That was the only browser I was really impressed with. That opens 10 000 pages if you want, freezing or hogging nothing.  It's more ugly as IE firefox and Opera put together but at least it has a smart way of doing shit.

It's amusing that it's made by just one guy - ghehehehe