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more on generating tags

About my idea to automatically generate proper tags for each posting.

I had  a look at the number of pages written about this idea, it appears to be an original. As the yahoo 360  team could be making tags that point at related postings they chose to make avatars (read bling). I want my yahoo blog automatically tagged and saved in del.ic.ious, myweb and technorati. Do you seriously want me to do this by hand for each posting just like you had me click next thousands of times?  For me it would save time but what about bloggers that don't have a clue what those services do? Don't they have a right to be indexed? You really think it's the job of the blogger to explain to the index what he bloged about? I think thats the job of the search engine. Technorati doesn't require a link back to technorati, they just need: rel="tag" in your tag links. My web doesn't demand any linking back from the page saved, delicious doesn't either. Is it impossible to imagine this text contains the word "tags" or something? Didn't I use the word tag a few times? Do I have to type <a href="#" rel="tag" >tags</a> and ping technorati by hand?

Are you nuts?

Or do I Y!Q my new post then save my it in my web and type the keywords I see in Y!Q by hand? Thats not close to push button publishing. I would like to see this simply because it would permanently populate the blog postings with a lot more visitors that can actually find what they are looking for, each page could be an entrance. The search peeps have a far better clue on what good keywords are as we do. I kind of end up adding to much tags and make em point at the wrong keyword page. Adding them automatically would limit their number and improve the selection of results. If it's a closed system with just 360 blogs it's hard to tag spam it. Could even set a maximum number of tags per day, allow only 1 tag per 50 words or just ban spammers.  It bet it would be just as nice as trackback was before they broke it.  But ofcourse, I do not know what the yahoo 360 team is making at the moment, lets hope it's not bling. hahaha

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