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webdesign eeeeuuwww :(((

I want to help a few friends set up a better website for their business. They currently have 5 pages set up with a web based wysiwyg editor. But their list of second hand cars, boat and jet skies will only grow and it really should be in a manageable database from both the (web)customer and the business point of view.

So far...

...I made up: to post the items on 3 blogs just to create 3 rss feeds to keep track of the updates.
...I had a look how a business should use a buy/sell sites like ebay.
...had a look at a few content management systems to build a community.

Now the biggest problem is keeping everything up to date.

How to put the items in an database and put the database online with a content management system, could even have the cms use some online store module but how tot put it on ebay or any of the other sites? I want simple  sortable lists by subject on the website and an overview for the store owner. The owner should be able to post in a list of auctions in an easy way. And keep track of this.

I want to figure out how he could do this and would like to expand to include more as 1 store in 1 interface, thats why the community is required. Leme hear what you think. Image