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Windows 98

Thanks for the comments. I've resucrected a win 98 machine with 160mb of ram. As usual I did a virus scan, It's just that the virus definitions appeared some what updated.

The normal scan....

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 Image Image Image Image Image Image

3 items didn't want to protect.....


Maybe it has a register bug? 

Image Image Image Image Image

Clicks "dont buy" 100 times -RSI !!

Image Image

Doing a  scan to see what we've missed....


You think this is bad? Wait untill windows vista replaces all folders with executables. (EXE) If it was a county we could we declare war on M$ but they just own evertyhing.Image I'm happy they effectively prevented me from creating a web based income. I would be so lost now, lol.

Thanks bill gates

Linux looks great btw. I cant wait to start blowing up peoples windows pc. HA they wont know what struck them.

I think I will draw up a business plan based on blowing up your cometitors hardware.  Look at the images. Don't let your business die like my pc did. We should get away from the windos beta enviroment. It's worth 10 cent per cd, it should be cheaper as any other cd ever made they've printed soooooooooo manny of em 10 cent is probably more as what they cost.

No-one ever has a right to exploit anyone or thing. M$ doesn't have any right to charge 1500$ for shit that costs 10 cents. There is not so much work in making it at all. But it does kind of explain why it blows up over time.

Now have to click save before IE breaks and trashes my blog-post again. ImageImage