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Tab Mix Plus :: View topic - Middle-click on Live Bookmark

Tab Mix Plus :: View topic - Middle-click on Live Bookmark

I sorely miss the TBE feature, that overrides Middle-Click on Live Bookmarks. Instead of opening all posts in tabs (how stupid is that?), it should open the homepage of the feed.

I guess opening all items in 2 clicks is relatively less work as opening 1 tab in 2 clicks.

I guess I just use bookmarks to avoid finger injury from having to update the feed. The live bookmarks are not so live at all, it kind of defeats the use of rss and atom.

Maybe a naive thing to say but why can pdf and swf render in the browser and no xml? Can apply a custom css to all web pages but have nothing like it for rss?

I know nothing but isn't the structure of pdf 1000 times more complex as rss?

Clicking sage feeds in Bookmarks.html looks even stranger.

I figure I'm still on teh internet and the fox is showing me page source. "O, NOOOO.....

.... have to open sage* drag the feed to sage* to be able to view the links in sage*, then click the title of the feed* and then remove the feed from sage*.

*****5 clicks = eavol. Twisted Evil

I would love to just click Image and see the feed titles as list items in a single tab.

The google crawler can follow the links so I figure we should be able to.

I'm obviously missing something, what is the name of the extension? Laughing