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RE: The weight is over

RE: The weight is over
no horizontal scroll bar. Does that mean the arrow keys have no use now? Image

I was unable to make it read a page - not using the voice command. I spend 3 hours looking for a way to do this. Being the nerd I am I can just claim the UI sucks. I see "OPERA WITH VOICE!!!!" all over the web, then it doesn't have an option to add the "read page" button. It probably doesn't have one?

Having to click the button and say "opera speak" is not usefull - I have the worse accent. It says nothing else as "sorry I did not understand". But it does sound good and looks(?) like a blind person could use it, thats good.

What it does have is 10 trobers and 50 toolbars of which all the new user hasn't got a clue what they do with.

A fresh install comes close to being just as hideous as a fresh firefox installation.

The usability design is non existent.

I put blue links on my websites because people associate that with a link. If you make em pink the user will think "this pink thing must be a link". The skin with the standard Opera install is so bling it's preventing people from understanding the interface.  Users want their own native desktop theme. People that like graphics in their UI have far prettier desktop themes as anything Opera could ever supply. Skinning isn't bad at all, just having it on by default is user unfriendly and eavol. A million people's first impression was "it's so ugly", the reply is always "you can turn it off", I figure things people find ugly should be optional, not the other way around.

Then looking from the other perspective, I see 75 skins here
It should be the user picking the skin he likes, it's not fair to the artists to unfairly populate all installations. People think it's just the way it looks and leave it for that.

I don't dislike Opera at all, I just think it's stupid to scare off users with feature bloat as it would be soooo easy to convert them to permanant users. If they could get it to sing a page I would buy it the same day; "opera sing" Image