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the profesional opinion of amatures

Every day I'm astonished by the profesional opinion of amatures. Journalists are the worse, they know fucking nothing about anything. Their education is based on making sensational TV are obligated to fill their port folio with HIPE! Where does the need to rush things come from? Do people think better that way? I kind of dont think so. Asking things the viewer would ask sure wont teach us anything. We didn't get our diploma like that? We didn't ask and ask and ask again. Things use to have a start a middle and an end and after that you would know shit about shit. Random uneducated questions in random order with a maximum of 15 sec reply time, yeah right! For an interview it isn't half bad, but as content providing it sucks. We learn about the same as the average brain-dead journalist knows, and that isn't a lot.

I'm sure we have all kinds of profesors doctors and astronomers that can speak by themselfs. They can even produce a coheasive presentation them self. That would give us some inside knoledge.

I'm so bored with the political views of uneducated people. I don't mind that they have an opinion, I mind hearing nothing else.

I think it lacks respect for those that slave their way true univesity. I also think this could kill us really well. Lets bomb Irak and then make peace, lets ignore the huricane comming.

Global warming? Nah, I don't think so.