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Opera Skype integration
I looked at the skype API, it should be really easy to create a panel. However, there's no way a user could do this, since the panel would need to call native code - the skype API.

Additionally, a new item in the contacts needs to be added, so you can set the skype ID for contacts. Maybe also phone numbers, if you want to provide skypeout from within Opera, which would be quite nice.

A word about standards: Opera always tries to support open standards. It may well be that skype isn't a product based on open standards right now. However, it is my opinion that there isn't such a strong and healthy standardization organism in the VoIP world as for web or internet issues in general, so VoIP standards still don't have the same weight as W3C documents or RFCs. Skype is right now IMO one of the best VoIP offerings, so I wouldn't be surprised if we had a "skype standard" in a few years.
...? No.

Monday, 03 October 2005 14:11:08


Well, you can configure Opera to open "callto://" links to open with Skype... If you bookmark callto: addresses they'll lauch Skype.

programs. Now click on the "add" button. Type "callto" on the protocol. If Skype's location shows up on "default application", choose this option. If not, choose to open with another application and select Skype.

Wednesday, 05 October 2005 11:20:25

gabydewilde (ME!):

I didn't have to do that for mailto: :P

I'm not a regular skype user but an address book with call and mail features sounds like something I would use.

I think Opera could earn a few bucks with this (10% I read)

user is prompted to download Skype

10 min of code and worth millions? Did I mention useful?

It sounds very slashdot. lol