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RE: GOogle vs YAhoo

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I like some of yahoo but most of it is useless. Google has more useful things but lack development. The google group spam is hilarious. I don't think anyone can have a normal conversation like that. It's like a terminal illness. Gmail gets a lot of spam to. Orkut takes about 4 min to load each page. So thats the end of that?

Google only has Blogger and the Search the rest is just "really useless".

Any mini firm use to have it's own email. Cool payed email programs are now destroyed by free gmail. Cool email software is competed to death. We didn't need email at all. 99.99% has a provider email address. Outlook sucked but Tunderbird doesn't Opera does email in a fairly ordinary way. ^_^ I hate how Google is spoiling it's resources on random crap. Let them re invent the wheel or something. lol Yahoo is for the us only so I've never used it really. haha