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Lets make the web in 3D

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It looks like 1980

I would like to get rid of the 1980 look of the web. It's still nothing close to VRML. I've seen other software do wild graphics on a P4, why should a browser be any different? I would not mind an intro each time I start a browser. 100MB of clickable flash about the web is really no problem for most pc's. Then, as I walk around the internet with my avatar. I want special powers, score points, fill web wallets, visit web places, see other visitors and voip em. Maybe the pages should make a whooooshhhh sound as they zoom in/out while randomly spinning and twisting back into their corner.

Scrap html

I was playing with the idea to create a 3d environment of roads by using web pages colors and links, each letter of the title could represent an object or effect. That way the same page always has the same map. Could use the page icon on the road signs. Each page becomes a road. Options are "Stay on the road(page)" or "go off it(go to other page)". An irc room can be created for each page to communicate avatar location and images to read and render the other visitors. The rest of the chat messages can appear in the lower part of the screen just like in game chat.

Reconising stuff

Dead ends like pdf or mp3 can be made into objects that are easy to recognise. Email or IM Handel's could turn into avatars. Page rank could define the size of an area. It makes non-html jump out as it should. See a globe if a geo tag is spotted, A podcast would get a jukebox at each permalink corner.

Graphical zoom

A thumbnail of the actual webpage is shown in the right bottom corner. Clicking it zooms it to 90% width and 70% height of the screen in 1/2 sec, transparency wears off after a few sec. Moving the mouse outside the page minimises it back to preview size. Clicking a link on the page makes it 20% transparent so you can see your avatar run in the direction of the link as the page loads. Right clicking on the thumbnail reads the page out loud as we see our avatar walk by the links as the browser reads em.

Custom VRML

A webmaster can then create a real VRML to replace the generated one. Traffic data can display visitors moving around a site. If IRC is powerful enough to build a botnet it can power a 3d engine to. lol

It is OLD not Imposible

I'm sure you can say I've gone nuts but I'm 100% sure this is what we wanted the world wide web to look like in 1970. Games have done this for how long? It's not fancy tech at all, it's 10 years old at least. But using existing websites to render 3d environments, sounds like futuristic-tech to me. Would be great for social networking, we all know statistic data is boring. But designers are forced to use white pages with black letters or risk freaking people out. lol - should be a really mega crowded place but it doesn't remotely look that way. I see no-body and they cant see me either!