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Microsoft invented Open source



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It's so amusing, I could fix the whole Microsoft formula in less then an hour. (you can't prove I cant)

Lets just say, I'm not in the mood to go beg anyone to take my research for free. Ehhh, specially M$? A few millions would be more appropriate.

Sony had to make a root kit Trojan simply because M$ wasn't willing to protect their legal property. Windows give you the source of any audio file and allows you do do what ever you like with it. That how M$ invented Open source. HAHAHAHA

Visa made It's card holders data public (read open source) thanks to a Microsoft platform.

The youth has the future but can-not afford official M$ products. An error that size is good enough to unplug any business. Pay 1000$ or learn Linux. humm, not a hard pick if your 13 years old?

Selling software for M$ windos is impossible. Thats why it's free now. Unlike mister Gates who is locked away in his Villa.

Maybe we needed a person like him to show us how evil our economy is.

We still have huge numbers of pathetic losers using Internet explorer. They are obviously evil people. Isn't it lovely how they are contained by Microsoft as the rest of the world is sharing their creations? They are obviously to pathetic to use something that others worked on for millions of hours. Millions of hours - all for people like you, and then say "huh, I don't need xxx" I will use the inferior M$ product and complain about how it doesn't work.

Soon we will go back to every day business and rate each businesses and it's stocks by how reliable the company is. If it's still running M$ whineos it's probably better to stay away from the investment.

If it demands from it's customers to use IE it's obviously doomed and most probably will die soon.

Mozilla is now vaccinating kids in Africa. So the M$ powered corporate investment isn't as green as it can be. Investing in that makes you one of those evil people.

Soon (2007) a business wont be able to survive if it fails to get the user-base to contribute to the products. Investors wont take "no" for an answerer. All because Microsoft wont allow anyone to sell any kind of software they could make and sell them self. We wont hear any M$ official complain about free software. They know that it would only hurt their business. They've made linux what it is today by just whining about it.