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fun is over rated

Of course I don't mind having fun, fun is great but it has it's place. Lets look at news (for example), news should not have any fun added to it. It's about what happened and should be served as-is. Information doesn't need to be made fun of. The Internet, School and TV are sources of information. I have no need for entertainment mixed into information. A normal dictionary needs no jokes in it. Exploiters of the entertainment factor in death and destruction are psychotic freaks. First Food, housing, work then the fun.

Food is about taste and about death. Thats what it is. I really don't need anything funny on my plate!

Housing is about having a roof over your head and suffering the climate. Living in a house is not fun but it's warm and comfortable.

Work is about earning money by working for it. It has nothing to do with fun it just sucks if you have no cash. Education may help you earn more or hate your job a bit less.

And then we are able to have fun. Fun comes after all the other shit, even after education. I'm having fun writing this but this fun is caused by trying to word my thinking. The topic is giving me a hard time it appears. So people turn on the TV and they have instant fun! Didn't have work, a house, a job or education but yeah!! Having fun now!!!! Still, that kind of fun is about as real as the kind you have from smoking crack. I can-not eat harry potter I can't live in it and probably cant work at it either. Passively observing things, wooo hooo big fun man!! In marketing we have 2 kinds of customers.

1 - those who like the product - and will buy it anyway.

2 - those who don't like the product - and probably wont buy it.

Obviously, everything is marketed and build for group 2, the retarded, the zombies and the brain dead. If only I could have fun like they do. I would be able to live without future and without meaning.