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x-mas power outage

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It only lasted a few hours but it still was amusing half the city didn't have electrics. I've never seen that many neighbours at ones. lol Made me thing of our economy, how it can be switched off just like that. Life wasn't this fragile in the stone age. If things break it's hard to say when or if it can be repaired. I can go without electrics for a few weeks I guess but then it really starts to suck bad. Having 1 big net is a bit like the "because we say so company". The way the lives of many depend on a hand full microscopical circuits called backups. I don't see a backup give me a farm and forests to hunt in. It's going to backup the same thing that failed. With Microsoft around any PC is a time bomb. I think I'm going to be anti tech and live in a cave... It all makes sense to me now... humm, but I've just updated my other blog with even more exotic blogspot features. Things like a next post button that doesn't leave the page and an even more expanded comment system with a nice popup and an rss feed AND it can be mixed with other blogs creating 1 floating popup with comments from various blogs by various peeps. :)))))

Blogging by Email, forwarding comments and Mixing those into 1 feed basically means you can offer ONE single feed for or google peson-analysed home with various comments from various blogs AND have em sorted by time and date. It can do so before google or yahoo turn it into a box of titles you can't sort cross feed whaat so ever. Of course other services exist that can mix feeds but I like each feed item to have it's own page in a single lay out. Just click the comments link on the right at this page to see what I mean. :)