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Zen dreaming

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Freedom of lies

If religions could cut the crap it would be something fantastic. Trust me on that one, have faith. lol

My baby zen skills allow me to assemble a dream before having it. The trick is easy, you close your eyes but in stead of going to sleep you create an environment, some small philosophy or just think of a subject. Then you sleep and dream about the thing you've instructed yourselves to. Want pink winged bananas? You can have em!

So, last night I created a dream about 4 keywords. They are the 4 ingredients that make humans irrational. They are fact, theory, opinion and decision. All of my life people have driven me to the boundaries of nutter land. I'm having such a great time making a fool out of myself.

We need an extra simple example here, don't cry about how simple it is.

I have black hair.

• We've probably never met so it's clearly a theory

• You could say this is a fact but you cant prove it. This is what a theory is all about.

• The black hair could be an opinion, some may say it's brown as it doesn't have a blue shine.

• But the most weird thing is that it's a decision.

I chose to have black hair!

What is the point? Good question! the point is that people always think they are making decisions as they really are opinions or even facts. They claim to have the facts but are really giving an opinion. Think they make a decision as the outcome is already known. I keep thinking I'm going to stop smoking. It doesn't appear to be my decision at all. My eyes are in the box and giving up smoking isn't in the box (jet).

I'm going to write a blog post, I think I'm making a decision but the fact is that I always do. I probably could not stop blogging even if I tried jet I create this illusion of making a decision.