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Will you help me for a change?

Common this is a real chance to make a difference on this world "YOU". You have been reading my nonsense for more as long enough to know I am nuts in a special way.

Give this question at least an hour of your time but do make some vague reply first:

How should "asking questions online" work?


You are obviously reading this, (the meter is going up all the time (ehm)) but why I don't get your answer has to be blamed at the tools not-me. So, lets see you think about how the millions of us are going to ask and answer the right way for a change. You are some one else and you have a different view as me. Peeps could give away some interesting ideas here at a price. But do think of it as your birthday and you get to wish for what ever you want within reason.

Person A knows everything about subject X
How does person B ask and reward A for answers about X

Just remember that people would need a house and food to answer questions all day.

The web currency is valid page views but we also want to buy things for points and cash.

I want a diploma
I want a yahoo letter of recommendation
I want an answers module for my business website
I want "advertise on this question"

I want ad revenue if the page is visited from the badge my site.
I want ad revenue for the answerers I've posted.
I want ad revenue for the questions I've posted.

Then we can get to work!

Let us reward a bit more for a question. Cash or points. Maybe the reward should be a free yahoo publishers ad for your profile page. Those adds come in all sizes and values. Like a parallel of the being featured for having to much points.

The trick would be to manage to get as much people looking at the question as possible. So questions should be yahoo 360 blog posts at the same time. Publish em some place else on the web to. Just like their badge averts or the BLO.GS javascript.

Qviews and Aviews

Think about it for a bit, we don't need credit for it, we need this planet to think for a bit. ^__^