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Are there any places in amsterdam to stay away from?

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Amsterdam is perfectly safe. Just don't buy anything on the street.

The red light district is a HUGE example to the rest of the world. All prostitutes are register entrepreneurs and pay taxes. It's more safe as the Macdonald's. (say 10 to 1)

Coffeeshops are among the most peaceful places a person can visit. You don't have to smoke anything, can have a chat play a game of chess. They are forbidden to sell alcohol as they sell pot. It's another example of registered business paying BIG taxes! Without the loud pumping music and the drunk people it's a better place to talk as the pub.

Unlike the us where you can buy tax free crack cocaine from any pot dealer.(and what not?) Pot smokers have normal jobs here, they don't go to prison at all. They work and pay taxes just like anyone else.

Do, call us cheap all you like. :)

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