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Why W3C is not valid

Re: how to get blogger W3C Validation

Why would you? W3C specs are pathetic! I've never seen such a bunch of dumb nerds agree on bullshit with such ignorance.

They can cry all they want, all browsers understand <a href= >google</a> I've used <font color=red> for a long time, but now it's against the W3C law for like 50 reasons. LOL!

They better wake up to existing standards? They had far to little part in making them. Valid HTML doesn't exist. So why pretend it does?

I love removing the few kb of nonsense HTML to make a page faster. What is the point of making a 4 byte instruction like <br> 5 bytes long? No one is ever going to convince me that <br/> is better in any way. It's longer and thats not all. It's different, something was changed for no reason and the doc got bigger. It's all nonsense that never should have happened.

In stead of focusing on new developments they are playing the grammar Nazi.

JNG/MNG support was removed was because of the large size of the decoder library, the fact that it's not w3c recommended, and mostly because the file formats are currently of little use on the web and the fact that animated gifs and flash already cover much of the feature set of MNG.

That was the end of the development of the web. Thats exactly when and where it happened.

MNG animated PNG with alpha transparency was put into the trash because we already had GIF. An inferior 16 color dinosaur format that was old long before the commodore 64 was released.
It was old back when Microsoft was still the donkeykong firm.

So what are they up to in 2006? Are we going to get MNG graphics on the web as people designed FOR FREE in 1995?????????? Or are our W3C grammar Nazi's going to continue to stalk us with utter nonsense? Who else can we blame for the apathetic fonts on the web? The list goes on and on.

Just ignore em and use the validator as a reference. Know that it wont stop crying and that it will find new things to whine about as the standards go further down the drain.

Why do you think google, blogger, yahoo etc already ignore the "double standards" most of the time?

Maybe I need to rub it in a few more times. ghehehehe

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