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Problemexploitation "Why It's good that you don't understand"

Changes mean "opportunity". A problem always changes things.

It doesn't have to mean the problem is all bad. Say, we are running out of oil, this is great! Finally we blow the dust of all those other inventions, finally they get implemented a bit. The problem had to get big enough for us to start working at it.

I enjoy asking myself the rather stupid sounding question of "how do I profit from this problem".

It doesn't mean problems are great to have. All to often they are supplied anyway and as good as always in to big dosage. So it's not like you have to make the problem in order to exploit it. It won't necessarily make it go away but it can ease the suffering a bit. We have lots of problems in this world of ours, lots f changes to be exploited.   You don't have to understand that it does. Just give yourself a change to exploit a problem, simply because you are not going to find out how to true denial of the option.

I'm looking for a way to exploit our worlds food problem (or should I say your world?), I would like to exploit the lack of socialising we have today, (talking with people use to be the only thing that made noise) and I would like to exploit education. All in back wards ways that make little sense and are doomed to fail. I would love to see the look on your face as I fail to save the world. My ego can handle it (actually it cant but I will pretendidoes) and I try it again.
It would change the problem into a new one. Who knows, maybe that opportunity  can be exploited better? The display of some-one(me) giving a damn would be a profit. 

I mean, lets be ignorant about it as it helps. Image Ignorance is a problem. Not knowing a lot about something could be a reason to get help. A little bit more know-how could prevent that action.   A problem can bring new insight and do more good as bad. Who knows, maybe your problems of today can be exploited if put in a perspective to work for you.   All I know is that it wont show to the guy/gall who didn't look. ghehehe

I thought I wouldn't be able to write it down clearly. I find it astonishingly complex to guess in what way you are going to miss-understand what I wrote. hehehe

Stupid questions don't exist, only stupid articles.

Maybe problems don't exist either, maybe they are just happenings.