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The storm-pay fiasco

:: Black Gold Surf :: Admin <> to me

6:44 am (11 hours ago)

Hello Members,

I have a few issues I would like to address with you.
It only concerns a few members but a few affect us all.
Some of these issues will be added to the terms and FAQ pages.

We have a problem of members which had already joined, deleting their accounts and rejoining under someone else. I guess I will have to add this to the terms. You are not allowed to do this. Besides the mass confusion this causes when we look up payments and it shows payments issued to 2 different member numbers from the same account, it is also not fair for the person you originally signed up under. This kind of behavior will not be tolorated and it will result in us deleteing your account.

Another issue of referral commissions is the fact that some of you have the same IP addresses. We do understand that this happens for people who are forced to access public computers such as cafes and we are not deleting those members but, you will not be able to earn referal commissions from some one who has the same IP as you.
We are going through those now and deleting those commissions. Most are amoung our Singapor members but their are others.

Also, I asked once before for you to please not email me asking me to change a member to your downline.

2)Storm Pay:
I have already sent emails out concerning the Storm Pay matter. I do not know if you are not getting my emails or you are just not reading them but I will repeat them for you now.
I beleive several days ago I sent an email out stating that I had discontinued payouts to members who were requesting their Storm Pay payout BECAUSE your payments to me for upgrades were charging back to our account. We were paying you and then your payment was charging back to us. That meant that we were loosing money twice. Shortly after that, Storm Pay locked us out of our account saying it was suspended. I have gotten emails from a few of you asking me why I charged back a payment to you. I did not do this and have no idea what is happening to the Storm Pay account because they will not even let me in to see our balance or anything.
This is an issue you need to address to Storm Pay and not to me. Please do not email me again about it. As soon as I know something or can get into the account I will tell you.  I know the first 2000 or 3000 of you know that I did not even want to offer Storm Pay as an option here. I have never liked them and have never wanted to use them.
It was ONLY by you, the members insistance that we added them in the first place so now, we just have to take what ever happens with them. I understand you lost money with them. We have all lost our money with them. I not only had your upgrade money there but I also had a few thousands of dollars from advertisers there. So, I really do understand but I can not help you. I have absolutly no more control over what they are doing than you do.

I gave you all my personal email address and IM at yahoo so if the site happened to go down you could communicate with me and know I had not dropped off the face of the earth. Please STOP emailing me at my personal email for issues with your account or just GENERAL QUESTIONS. PLEASE use the contact email or send to for site support. There is 9000 of you and only one of me. Your problem or question will get answered much faster if you use one of our support emails. We have staff to help answer help questions or problems. The staff can not go answer questions in my personal email address.

I do not know. I will have to go by US law and whatever regulations they enforce because I am a US citizen. If they tell me to modify, I will modify. If they tell me to close the site I will close the site. Surf Sites will go on. Other countries do not have the same laws we have. We all must follow the laws of our own lands. If things should ever come to that, it may be possible for me to sell the site to one of my friends in another country and maybe just to manage the site. There are all kinds of things that can be worked out. Let us all "push forward for tomorrow for the troubles of today are sufficent in themselves." I must abide to the laws of my State and Country just as you do yours. We will cross that bridge if we get there.

We will begin once again deleting all members who have not upgraded within 7 after March 10th. Everyone should have had time by that time to have gotten their payment processor problems resolved.

I will be adding these helps to the FAQ page for you.

If you can not connect to the site. Turn off your DSL modem and your computer and let them rest a few hours then try again.

If you did not receive your activation link, first check your bulk email and spam program. Yahoo is famous for sending it to the bulk folder. Click resend the link and if it still doesn't work it is a problem with the email address you are using. Resign up using a different email address and let me know. We will delete the other account.

It could be a frame breaker. Try to go back to the site again or
If you surf other sites you will need to periodically empty cookies and delete internet file folders.

Thank you for reporting site abuses. I helps tremendously and we do read all your reports. We go to the sites and check them everyday but sometimes we miss some.

I appreciate your help cooperation in these matters. Thanks and have a good evening.