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Autosurf world is a strange plannet

I'm subscribing like a wilde man to new programs, it's pretty cool really. I've managed to find 1 free member referral, well actually he or she found me. That ain't a lot but those new sites will rotate my cashmaking blog for their new member (if any ) to look at.

It's astonishing how short most of the surf sites last. The bigger the number they scream the longer the upgrades last. I don't mind growing some traffic for this new creation, spoiling a few pennies isn't that bad.

What I like most about this surf stuff is that any person can do it. It's great to know others who do far better as me are living in places where a buck could be a meal or one day of pay.

I still didn't do any big inventions on this adventure. You can copy the blog and subscribe to some programs. A lot of peeps have their kids surf, some cheat the surf some cheat the payments. But it's safe to say an investment has a good chance to work out in your advantage.

Maybe I did implement one mindset invention but it's an old one to me. I look at advertisement to see what kind of advertisements work, I view their profitable products and learn how to make an commerce site that works.

A lot of peeps failed at earning a buck in a honest way. I'm not sure if this is the best of methods but I do remember I'm in it for the journey.

I'm sorry I'm writing about marketing here, it's just what I'm doing at the moment so I blog that.

Monday I will probably get my real pc back. Finally some means to visit blogs. Those Yahoo 360 flash avatars are like Russian roulette on this PC. ghehehe

I cant wait to be able to see sucka's directory of worthy blog. ^_^

The autosurf sites load by them selfs, it's not a pain how they have to waist 10-20 sec to open a page. It's a bit like infomercial tv actually only more global and less boring in the opinion that is my own, thank you.