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The google image format

Why to create GOOD proprietary formats

Today proprietary formats are much like straight jackets while they should be uniform. Like the way my blog is formatted. Awkward, bad grammar jet all the "me". I take out every expectation I don't need, by not living up to it and a format was born.

bananafication: This post is nothing but a date label for an idea. Something for me to point at as soon as it gets stolen again. ghehehe Don't expect me to make sense.

Advertising is a cheap term for randomized content. Text is not a format. You can't copyright contextual adverts google. lol, don't think you can.

We need the big 3 to create proprietary formats. Like the yahoo music engine format or the google earth kml files. We now need a new image format! Untill you do compuserve is still more innovative?

This is much to funny. It's like the other half of google's contextual crapvertising copyright or patent, what ever it's called. Both didn't make enough of a real format/product/milestone to be allowed to own it.

The point is to make money off an invention true the services around it. Not by stalking people who are trying to use it. MNG has been around since the 90's but all that it could accomplished was kill the commercial web graphics. Ajax is a bad description of cross browser chaos, it's not cool! It's a plug for a big hole. When will you start formating things for us?

Are google M$ or yahoo really big enough to create an image format in this world? I seriously doubt it.

Most development of the internet still has to be done true the browser, our software needs a version update. The browser is far worse off as the os.

I cant stop thinking of how damn stupid it is when one discards the chance to move things forward in favour of what people already use.

I'm not implementing this new thing because no one else has already done that.
It should be teh other way around!!221!!!111!1 You add the new and innovative BECAUSE no one else has. This is not a good motivation to be a lazy fart. It is not cool to leave the rest of the planet on a NON ANIMATED or 255 COLOR format diet. It is not cool to the people who've already tried to create formats like that. Hell, we don't need green energy "no-one is using it". First they discard the new format now browsers "repair" pages!

Obviously need to be forced to do the sensible thing do we?

The multinationals appear to misunderstand the meaning of branding. Just grab MNG and slap "Yahoo image format" or "Google image format" on it.

Do you think Mozilla won't support Google images? Just add it to the toolbar. Opera would follow soon and Linux support would be available before the press-conference?

LOL, even a text only format would be fantastic!

Did you ever use an image on the web?
We seriously don't need to use flash for small animations and we don't need a PDF for 20 words.

humm, I've never tried to embed a 20 word pdf....