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I am teh yahoo page creator

lol, I was just thinking of how google has to copy yahoo to keep a logical structure. The Google page creator isn't even started jet it never worked and it's already old. Makes me think of how old Blogger and specially Geocities is. What is google doing?

It's hilarious how the big services try to make the stuff users want knowing that it cant ever be much given that numbers. To (at least) it's obvious that some one else should pay for the google pages. Another company! This 360 blogservice could be the property of Wordpress. Yahoo doesn't have to keep up with them at all? For yahoo it would take a few banners and a bit of brand visibility.

The point is that y!360 now advertises yahoo but a blog platform can/should advertise a blog platform. There are no legends here, no innovation. A dinosaur running after the big dogs.

Yahoo and Google should learn to behave like a shell for other services. The image search frame and the google-cache are good examples. Now allow me to subscribe members to my yahoo blog (in one click) and allow me to set up some "members only" content.

That would be easy-non-innovative. What would be kick ass tech savi would be a shop where visitors can buy/request 360 bloggers articles. So that mom and pop users find themselves knowing a lot about subject X then see money flowing in.

You offer a content module for the buyer to add to his website. This can be in various formats depending on the purchases.

I mean this is cheap ass 10 cent crap content to me. Others can put 20 articles about related topics on a website per day for 2$! Then it would be worth a lot if done every day. I would feel forced to go look at my content.

You already sell the adverts, what are we blogging for then? Content is king. (And I'm alibaba)

To wrap up our usual chaos I suggest you get amazon to create this yahoo front end publishing service.

Google says you should do business with adobe. ^_^