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could startrek be important?

Mad numbers of gadgets from startrek are fairly ordinary today. Communicators did get degraded to smart phones. It's not like they have artificial intelligence?

The point of this posting is for us to start being confused on matters of dreaming being crucial for physical results. We humans like to think dreams are useless or that they will never become reality but nothing is less true! It takes a crazy dream for us to start looking at the options. I now come to think that fiction could be the only excuse left to have dreams without the peeps around you going fanatically nuts about how "you can not have a dream!!" It sounds like "I don't dream so you are to stop having em, you specially need to stop pretending they have values!" $#@%$#@%$##$ So fiction was the only mindset that allowed normal people to create crazy inventions. It's a movie so that makes it OK to think like that?

It goes like this:
I think out loud about universal translators, then moron X gets up and starts whining about how impossible it is to make them. "what nonsense!!"

He gets out the hacksaw and starts cutting down my dream. This is all that his vision contains. So, now we have barely any innovative thinking going on. Hell, people are afraid to talk about things that don't have an absolute guarantee to work out.

I on the other hand think that no-dream means no skill for creating a judgement on what will work.

Simply put: If you didn't study genetics you lack the skill to say what-is or is-not possible true genetic manipulation. Any "thats impossible" is utter nonsense from your behalf.

I like to say "if you can't live your dream you better shut the f*ck up about mine". HAHAHAHA Keep your filthy "things are the way they are" to your self, it's disgusting!

We still do dream, but your not allowed to have dragons in it unless it's about harry potter.

I think I can brainwash the world true my blog into thinking straight, maybe if you imagine it's a movie you can physically think about my plot. huh?

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