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I almost forgot to write the usual brilliant stuff in the blog with the usual useless intro. I've found a new diversity in wrapping goods, we do live in a world of wrappers you know? The largest packaging industry of all times. Let me ask you, is it "Do you want a bag with that?" or was it "do you always go shopping without a bag?". Maybe we should we be happy peeps can still remember to put their pants on? I'm sure we can figure out a plastic bag to fix that.

Then please do give me lots of plastic wrappers. GREAT! Meat in a BAG? A container with a lid would be much more "conserving" from a lot of perspectives. Milk in a BAG? Milk goes in a JUG, it's not served in a bucket either. Much like going to the store with my pants on. If I can take it home I can also bring a milk jug.
I like looking for the problem in things. Sometimes the energy powering the problem can be manipulated into something positive. For example imagine 2 bars working out their competitive differences by trowing a huge feast together. First, having another around was a pain. Later it brings in profit. The initial problem wasn't fixed but exploited.

How to exploit the plastic fantastic wrapper problem? I've made points for that like: Packages are at grabbing size, this has little to do with the meal we are cooking. This makes a point to improve. 50 good points like that can draw a product outline.

A really good improvement I've found would be a brand of uniform packaging. Something that goes with the wall paper and the curtains. Make the product LOOOK GOOOD for a change. Get those banners off my breakfast table! YES, this would be worth a lot of money and it fits all to well with a supermarkets home-brew.

Looking for a sector to start from I've found butchers! They have industrial cleaning machinery, they know how to clean their stuff. I could start with a set of 2 "milk white" boxes that fit on top of each other. After a few calls I learned they like nothing less as putting their product in the plastic bag. I've explained I would distribute a prototype to butchers around the Netherlands. And asked what they thought about it. Orders of good size can buy the reusable containers for a few cent each. Anything! that looks good on a table. Bags are not cool!!

So the research is done all the idea needs now is some one to distribute it as described. I just move on to the next invention. :-) As I was thinking of banner space on the breakfast table I started philosophising about advertising powered products. I like peanut butter I'm addicted I think but the jar is huge and the stuff doesn't cost much. I'm sure those pixel's are worth a fucking load of cash. Ok that idea sure is finished now.

All this got me around to something I would call a hybrid product. It works pretty simple. You order product A knowing you may get product B. As a result a discount could apply to both. The customer doesn't know what he is getting (A or B) making the product worth a bit less. The entrepreneur can obtain a bit of freedom. Sometimes you order something and it just doesn't appear. You order the same kind of item some place else. The B choice can be ordered without further customer permission. Disapointment as big as the proffit! LOL!!