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The Traffic and cash exchange marketing-class

I thought it was cool to trade/reward banner impressions for being my 5$ referal in a 7$ program. That way I can give more as the true value of the merchadice so it wouldn't be a scam. (unless I can scam myself?)

Anyway the thread was erradicated ... So, I should continue my topic withouth any links.

If you don't want to scam anyone then you should take this site down immediately and send back any money to the naive few that may have signed up.

I've only paid people and I don't plan to change that. If you want more banner views for 5$ I think you're the scammer.

This is just the same old scam that has been around for years. Send a dollar to the 7 names on the list, cut the last name off, move the other 6 names down, and paste your name on the top.

It's not a scam because you know perfectly how it works. The only diference is that 7 is the maximum and I'm doing much of the promotion. With [i]Going around for years[/i] you mean it works? Yes, I've noticed that to.

Is it going to stop any time soon you think?

Come on, you have got to be kidding me. This is actually a type of mail fraud, a federal offense in the United States. Do you think that the fact that you are "sponsoring" websites makes this any less of a scam. Even if it makes it legal, it is still a scam.

It's perfectly leagal because you pay directly to other people the admin doesn't play for bank. It's called a gift, nothing is expected of anyone.

You can totaly aford it, it isn't a lot of money. I know to much people making heaps of cash every day with exactly this kind of program. As so manny are going to sign up anyway why not supply a link?

Oh Geez, What is it this time Gaby?

Well it's either one of two things,

a) Gaby has completely lost his mind and actually believes this is a good idea

:lol: Yes, I think this is a good concept. If you think it's a good idea is up to you. I'm under the impression I give away money and banner impressions. Let me ask you a hypothetical question: "How much money do I have to give you to sign up?"

b) This is some sort of test/joke that only he understands or thinks is funny

I want to make this work. There is absolutly nothing "scam" about it.This is a great system for any newb to earn money with.

If you participate and you don't find any referals you get good value for your money, it will clearly cost me.

A test? Sure, maybe I can be acused of trying to create a nice offer to post here. I nunno

The big joke of this program is that each participant can have only 7 referals. After that you can only promote your referals. NR 8 goes under NR 1. I will do all the work if thats what it takes.

Well since you've stated repeatedly that you don't like spam and complain about us not taking action here I suppose this is what you want to have happend

It's your party. :lol: For a message to qualify as spam it would have to be a DUPLICATE, custom wtitten spam doesn't exist. I'm verry much here in person, and this was the only place a link to this offer could be found in.

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Thanks for wasting our time with this

Man, you cant blame me for designing a blog template. 8-)

Lets try to explain my idea. I was going to make an example to save a lot of words but I understand the example would contain unethical amounds of advertisement.

A) A blog can have thousands of visitors and earn nothing.

B) Referal pages are horibly boring but they make money and get promotion.(worth buying advertisment for)

I made a blog template that looks and works exactly like the referal program, only my page has a blog in it.

Now I know this looks a bit greedy but the idea has more to it. As I (logically) earn nothing from any adds with my random writings photo blogs etc. I figure I would be better off giving the advertisement space away.

To do that I'm going to make it so that you can append referal codes to the url of this template. Linking to my blog will then promote your referral link in stead of mine.

In stead of promote boring referral pages with nothing on em one can link to an article in a blog about something totally different.(read interesting)

I think it's cool. 8-) If it works depends on how much effort I put in it and what people say about it.

I can display banners for my referrals to advertise their homepage. So, I don't need anymore as 7 subscribers. After that I advertise their 7 sites.

This way I hope to create a payment structure for advertising nice blogs. This could do great things for a new blogger.

I have great traffic but it's clear that noboddy likes what I write. ghehehe

Some self-made banners would look great on my blogs. It's not like I'm going to remove them any time soon.

It would put your site in google in no time and if I don't generate any extra click true's you won't get extra referrals.

And last but not least. I don't imagine to see anyone do anything if I pay their whole 7$ fee.

Please subscribe here so that I get 100 credits. :)