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Why did you create this amazing program?

We already lost thousands of dollars in many HYIPs and autosurf programs. Actually, some of those programs already worked well and gave profits to their members for several months before finally their site disappeared and the admins ran with the member's funds.

We know many people also lost their hard-earned money in those SCAMs. This is very bad, and we had to stop that.

Then, we decide to create a powerful money-making program that will not cheat it's members and will not steal their money. After several trials and errors, finally we built the program which is now known as 7DollarsMagic.

How can I believe that this program will not steal my money like many other HYIPs and autosurfs?

It's simple: because we never keep or manage your money. In this program, you will earn directly from your downlines. They will spend the money directly to your e-gold account, not through us.

Then, how do you make money? I don't believe you made all this for free.

Of course we won't do it for free.

We, same as you, need money too. Especially to recover thousands of dollars that we had lost in many SCAM programs. We believe that 7DollarsMagic will work well and can generate huge profit for its members. So, we also joined this program as early members.

See, if you join this program you will make money the same way as we did. We are also in the same position as you.

Can I lose money in this program?

Well..., no man-made systems are perfect. Yes you can lose money, for example if all of the internet system goes down and nobody can use the internet anymore. In this case, you will lose only $7 max. That's it.

What e-currency do you use in this program?

This program only use e-gold. So far, this is the best payment system available.

I just signed-up, but I realized that I don't have e-gold account. What should I do?

Just create your e-gold account here. Then, after you fund your account you can come back to 7DollarsMagic site and login using your email and password.

I want to join this program, but I don't know how to promote this site?

Well, you can do the same thing we did: you can join some autosurf programs (as free member or paid member), buy some ads-spaces, submit your referral-link in search-engines, actively get involved in many forums and put your referral link in your signature. But, please never use SPAMMING. If you do that, your account will be deleted and you will be banned forever from joining this program.

Can I have more than one account under my own sponsorship?

You can join the program with as many as you like (using different e-gold accounts), BUT not under your own sponsorship. If you do that, your accounts will be deleted without any notification.

I only got less then 3 downlines so far, can I still make huge-profit?

Of course you can still make huge profit because it is a forced 7 x 7 matrix. If your sponsor already had 7 direct downlines then the next members signed-up under his referral link could become your downlines.

If you still have any question please go to the support page.