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RE: Randy Charles Morin

Randy Charles Morin wrote:
> It appears you are less interested in spell-checking than you say.
>Your article is full of mis-spells. I just thought that was funny.

Yeah, yahoo 360 doesn't ave a spell check either. It's just as if they don't care or don't know about humans?

>As per your article, I think you are right. AdSense doesn't work. I'm taking
> all my AdSense ads off my websites and returning my monthly 4 figure
> checks to Google.

Ah, a real chance to correct you. ghehehe You mean half the world knows bkcafe and you only earn 4 figures. ohhhh  

I took a look and see you have adsense on a page optimised for the keyword "adwords". And talk about adsense all over the page. This is so close to LOOK AT MY ADD I wouldn't even dare.  My toy says you have the word adsense on that page 34 times? Correct me if I'm wrong but you are selling adds more as using them?

But lets not be rude, I was talking about usage alone. For example the lay out of your page fits so well with the adds I think the adds define the style of the rest of your site. Am I wrong?

I'm just bored with the random lines of text. In the 1990 format. Adsense has full control over any publishers site lay out and content. I'm sure you know that in order to sell something you need WHOLE articles not some silly pile of links. The adds not just fail to describe the page linked.  They are empty half the time. The excuse is that the page lacks content? Why cant adsense add content? I don't see any good excuse not to do this? I think the add could look something like this.

In the last month, I've received checks and PayPal money from Expoactive, AdBrite, Chitika and Google. I'm also expecting checks from Amazon and BlogAds. I don't expect that most bloggers would have the time to manage that that many ads, but if you're making a substantial amount of money webvertising, then you might want to consider it.

Thats enough words to describe what lays beyond. As the normal format looks something like.

Link Building For Blogs
Search Newz - Apr 27, 2006
As blogs continue to mature as marketing tools, there are an ...

yes..... ehhh? What could this page be about? Have to be some SUPPER marketeer to stuff a good rap in that space??? Or this one:

go tag yourself
explore career web tagging
it's easy, fun, and useful

here we need the url to figure out what the page is about. This stuff can-not-sell, because it lacks content.  It didn't make me the least bit curious about the rest of the article. Not that there is any "rest of the article" ofcourse.

You've clicked the link in my first post, thats enough prove for me. hehehe Mass click-true compared to the adds on this page I would say?

It's something newspapers have done since printing was invented. Web adverts are much like those ad-formats.

Reload should put some new articles on a page. Not just links. We do get bored don't we? It would make perfect sense to add an archive so that we can find previous adds that have disappeared. A nice "next advert" button so that we can browse contextual adds.

This is probably good for a 1000% click-true. You would earn 6 figures. :-)