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I'm a creative person but I suck at talking with people. I've tried it lots of times and it's good for nothing. The constructive results are so small I'm convinced no one understands one word of it.

As I barely remember how to have fun anymore I'm going to leave things for what they are for a bit.

This whole Internet thing is just broken, defective, rotten and non constructive. Nothing bloody works and it only gets worse.

I've tried 5 instant messenger clients and they all brought in viruses bugs and troyans. I get new spam every 1/4 second.

Providers would never take their presious network offline as THEIR worms crawl over the net.

msn, yahoo messenger, skype, icq, irc, jabber, aim etc etc One big trojan horse farm.

This dumb windows xp crap wants me to press the quote mark 2 times or else it gives me ë ä ö ü ë

As I use to like to write html Ivë learned to hate it now.

MicroFAG then describes how to install Dutch on the us version but english on a Dutch pc is out of the question. The dumb fags can only take money. I've had enough of it.

You can keep your internet morrons.