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360 > - but where are the comments?

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In stead of just cry about the geocities360blog not having a comment link I've just made one myself. You should insert this crap right after the  <!--#blog --> tag in the index.html  of your blog (or what ever name and/or sub folder you put the .html doc of the blog. It's that file that shows the blog I'm talking about) Find it under filemanager Hit the little pencil and stuff this at the end of the doc, again it should go right after <!--#blog -->  insert cursor > press enter 2 or 3 times then past this:

 <script>// workaround so peeps can post comments
a = location.href
b = a.indexOf('html/')
b = b+5
a = a.slice(b)
a = escape(a)
b = a.indexOf('%')
a = a.slice(0,b)
if (a != ""){ document.write('<h1><a href=\"\?p='+a+'#comments\">Post a comment</a></h1>') }

Change my short URL into your own, hit safe then look at the blog,  

See it in action here:

If you have any questions or prublems, do let me hear it? Image