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long video blogging

I'm looking for a bit longer films as 15 seconds, something fun to view. A world of watercraft recording doesn't exactly qualify. Lets find real films faster as you could view em. My own tv station woooo hooo Image

animation films:

From Fantastic Planet
This video is very interesting I've never seen anything like it, should probably go on a hunt for more....

Heroes of Space
This is a pc animated film the sound is a bit odd

Final Fantasy VII (Full film)
Two years after Cloud & Co saved the world from sephiroth the citzens of the planet begin suffering from a strange sickness called Seikon Shoukougun. Meanwhile Cloud has Secluded Himself And Is being haunted by demons in his past 

The world....

Never seen Russia? (I didn't) It use to be beautiful. It's still great to see the old architecture in the subways and other buildings.
Russian govt adjusts up ruble exchange rate against dollar
in 2006-2009
MOSCOW. May 30 (Interfax) - The Russian government has adjusted upward its forecast for the ruble's exchange rate against the U.S. dollar in 2006-2009, Andrei Klepach, head of macroeconomic forecasting at the Russian Economic Development and Trade Ministry, said at a briefing.

The draft budget committee approved on Monday the forecast for the ruble exchange rate against the dollar at 26.90 rubles/$1 for the end of 2006 from 27.40 rubles/$1. The forecast is 26.50 rubles/$1 for the end of 2007 (27.60 rubles/$1), 26.90 rubles/$1 (27.80 rubles/$1) for the end of 2008 and 27.30 rubles/$1 (28 rubles/$1) for the end of 2009.

The forecast for the real effective exchange rate of the ruble was also adjusted upward, Klepach said. The forecast was increased 6%-7% in 2006 (from 6.5%); 5.1% in 2007 (2.8%); 1.3% in 2008 (1.1%) and 0.9% in 2009 (0.4%).

Dance, arts and crafts, religion and culture. How can the rest of the states be so ugly? Image

Music culture an lots of Croatian happyness.

Revelations about Billy Meyer, about his Mars, Venus and time travel experience


The attached MP3 provides coverage of John Seely Brown's lecture at the University of Colorado System's 2005 Teaching with Technology Conference.  Listen in as he covers a diverse range of topics, including his thoughts on open source, learning space design, social computing, and more!  Thanks to both the University of Colorado and the Colorado Institute of Technology for sponsoring the event. 

Powerpoint slides of his presentation are also available.