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Put Google Search on Your Web Site

The Google AJAX Search API is an experimental API that lets you integrate a dynamic Google search module into your web pages so your users can mash up Google search results with other content on your site or add search results clippings to their own content. Much like 
Google Groups: Google AJAX Search API


This documentation is designed for people familiar with Javascript programming and object-oriented programming concepts. There are many Javascript tutorials available on the Web.

Google AJAX Search API Samples

my personal favorit (because it's my own blog)

Simple Hello World

This sample application is the canonical "Hello World" of Google AJAX Search API. This simple application instantiates the search control in read-only mode.

Blog Comment Form

This sample application demonstrates how you can incorporate the AJAX Search API in user composition. In this case, users can clip Google search results to their comments on a blog post.

My Favorite Places

This sample application shows how to to use the Google AJAX Search API to create a collection of favorite places. From a programming perspective, it demonstrates the use of a custom input element and direct use of GSearch objects.

Searchers and Options

This sample application demonstrates many of the programmable options of the Search Control, allowing you to select various searchers, drawing modes, etc.

Locale Selection

This sample application demonstrates the Google AJAX Search API running its UI in a variety of languages.

My Favorite Places #2

This sample application builds on the original My Favorite Places sample and is designed to demonstrate search result and search control dynamic styling, controlling the location of clipped search results, etc. Before diving into this sample, if would be a good idea to become familiar with the previous samples.

Easy to implement and available for comercial use.  So, I cant wait to see this on  Image