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Opera 9

Opera 9 - Your Web, Your Choice
Opera 9 has been released. It's one impressive tool.

New in Opera 9


You don't need a separate BitTorrent application to download large files. Simply click a torrent link and start the download.

Content blocker

Remove ads or images - it's up to you. Right-click (CTRL-click on the Mac) on the Web page and choose "Block content".

Add your favorite search engines

Right-click on the site's search field and select "Create search" from the menu.

Thumbnail preview

It is easy to have many tabs open at once in Opera. But exactly which tab had that video you wanted? Hover your mouse on any tab to see a thumbnail preview.

Site preferences

Want to view a site in a different way or deny certain cookies? Want to block pop-ups on certain sites only? Right click and select "Edit site preferences".


Small Web applications (multimedia, newsfeeds, games and more) that make your desktop experience more fun. Use the Widgets menu to discover new widgets and access your favorites. Visit to learn more.

Improved rich text editing

Use advanced text editing features for today's most popular Web applications.

Efficient surfing

Transfer manager

View download progress and access all your downloads from one simple transfer manager window.

Tabbed browsing

Surf the Web easier and faster by opening multiple Web pages within the same application window.demo

Password manager

The password manager remembers your usernames and passwords so you will not have to. demo

Integrated search

Search Google, eBay, Amazon and more with our integrated search field. You can also search directly in the address field using keywords (for example "g" for Google). demo

Pop-up blocking

Opera lets you control whether to block all pop-ups, or open only the ones that you have requested.

Mouse gestures

Opera supports mouse gestures, allowing you to perform certain movements with the mouse to access commonly used features.

Fast Forward

Fast Forward will detect the most likely "next page" link and greatly simplify navigation in multi-page documents such as search results and image galleries. demo


Save a collection of open tabs as a session, for later retrieval, or start with the pages you had open when Opera was last closed. demo

Quick preferences

Pressing F12 displays the 'Quick preferences' menu to easily switch settings such as pop-up and cookie preferences and more.


Notes can be kept in conjunction with a Web site you want to refer to later, or remind you of any particular information you may like to review again. demo


The voice feature allows you to control Opera's interface by talking and to have documents read aloud. Voice is currently offered in English and runs on Windows 2000 and XP.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts - like mouse gestures - make your browsing faster and more efficient. Read more about all the keyboard shortcuts in Opera.

Trash can

If you accidentally close a tab, you can retrieve it from the trash can. This also works for blocked pop-ups that you may want.

Security and privacy

Security bar

Opera displays security information inside the address field. The padlock icon indicates the level of security present on a site.


Opera supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) version 3, and TLS 1.0 and 1.1. Opera supports 256-bit encryption, the strongest standard encryption for the Web.

Delete private data

You can clear the history and cache when exiting, to protect your privacy. Private data can easily be erased at any time by going to Tools > Delete private data.

Cookie control

You have detailed control of what cookies to accept and reject, including different setups for different servers.

Mail and Chat

Opera mail

Our built-in POP/IMAP E-mail client is a combined e-mail program, news reader, mailing list organizer and RSS/Atom newsfeed reader.

IRC chat

Communicate with people all over the world using Opera's IRC chat client. Chat privately or in rooms, or share files with your friends and family.


Drag and drop

Add, remove or rearrange buttons, search fields and toolbars. Go to Tools > Appearance.


Skins can give your browser the look you want. Make the browser your own by giving it the icons, colors and style of your choice. demo


Opera is translated into a multitude of languages, and the language can be changed on the fly. Go to Preferences > General.



You can zoom the contents of any Web page from 20%-1000% using the zoom dropdown or the + and - keys.

Text size and colors

You can change text size and color, link styling or background color to your liking in Preferences > Web pages.

User style sheets

Opera comes with a set of ready-made style sheets, including accessibility style.

Web development

Standards support

We take pride in supporting all major Web standards currently in use, including CSS 2.1, XHTML 1.1, HTML 4.01, WML 2.0, ECMAScript, DOM 2 and SVG 1.1 basic.

Small-screen mode

When displaying a page in small-screen mode (Shift+F11) you can see how it will look on a mobile phone or other small-screen device running Opera.

Validate code

You can validate the HTML code of any Web page by pressing Ctrl+Alt+V.

Toggle graphics and style sheets

Graphics and style sheets can be toggled on/off via our toolbars and shortcuts.

Info panel

The Info panel shows details about the currently open page such as MIME type, page size, character encoding and more.

Reload from cache

Edit the source of any open Web page and view the result instantly. Go to Tools > Advanced.

Special features

Full-screen mode

The F11 key toggles Opera's projection mode, using the whole screen for browsing and, if a projection style sheet is present, displays 'slides' suitable for presentation.

Kiosk mode

Opera supports kiosk mode - a lock-down mode in which the browser can be used for unattended computers in public places.

i For more information about additional Opera features, see the Opera tutorials or the help files.

There is also a community with blogs :=)

Opera 9 - Your Web, Your choice