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windows vista is not safe

I've already taken over the world, you just didn't know I did. You wouldn't believe it even if I told you. I've made sure you wouldn't know. ever!

So today we are going to unplug Microsoft, they've had their chance I figure? In order to do this we would need a good argument. OK, here goes....

We've all been impressed by the good works done in the name of the one laptop per child project. This laptop could rock the world if we gave it half a chance. Microsoft on the other hand thinks it's okay to unplug the win 98 users.

We shall remember, if we build a Vista PC, it's going with the trash in a few years. Running or not rich or poor, it's going to stop working one day.

I don't know about you but if my coffee maker doesn't work in the morning I'm ready to kill some one. (in the figure of speech)

Imagine a car that stops working because you should buy a new one. Wouldn't that be an evil thing to do?

So I insist your next PC is going to be build for Linux or even zeta, you can always run Vista on it (for the first few years). Just keep in mind what hardware would work best on an alternative OS. It will run the Microsoft nonsense anyway. (for some time)

I can promise you that you will hate every minute of getting used to a whole new environment.(haha) In a few years you will be so happy you did it, it will save you thousands of money's on pc's that do-not-preform.

Of course you can still buy a new setup, the point was for the old one to continue to work. Do not do it for yourself, do it for the win 98 user, the win NT user, the win 2000 user, etc. The people who got unplugged because the Microsoft product still wasn't finished.

People have no idea how much CPU speed is waisted. A 3 GHZ CPU should preform 3 thousand times as fast as the Amiga 500. Look at the playstation, it's just as fast as a celleron 300 but it preforms just as well as a PC 10 times that speed. The graphics of a playstation game are some how 100 times as good as those on the internet.

The os was pretty bad already, then Internet explorer made it all in-possible to advance.

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