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Dark Matter Motor

Dark Matter Motor
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Some 28 years ago I realized that it may be possible to harness permanent magnets to generate energy; energy that could be converted into electrical current to light cities as well as provide horsepower to operate vehicles.

I've done much research over the past three decades which culminated in my building a prototype motor which uses magnets in a simple, yet apparently undiscovered means. Although not fully completed and tested to date due to lack of funding, I was able to establish through rigorous rudimentary experimentation that one can generate abundant mechanical energy directly from permanent magnets.

This may be hard to believe, but it should not be: after all we are able to use gravity, which like magnetism is a mysterious "free" force in our universe. Gravity is harnessed by damming rivers and then allowing water to free fall through hydroelectric turbines to generate electricity.

My discovery and invention (which now has a patent pending) instead harnesses magnetic energy in this manner: much like an internal combustion engine with pistons that move due to an outside force (ignited gasoline), my motor's pistons move up and down, however solely due to magnetism. Specifically, my pistons are made of very powerful, (commercial-grade) permanent magnets which move upwards due to magnetic attraction toward a low-voltage electromagnet being switched on with opposite polarity atop the piston's cylinder. The piston magnet moves the distance and would collide with the electromagnet save for its polarity being reversed a split second prior to doing so. The reversed polarity then causes the magnetic piston to be repelled downwards. Electronically switching the electromagnet's polarity back and forth moves the pistons up and down, generating abundantly useful mechanical energy.

The electromagnet is initially battery powered. Once the magnetic pistons are in motion, more energy is generated than consumed which for example can rotate a driveshaft causing a vehicle to move, or the output mechanical energy can be converted into electric current to power anything else.

Permanent magnets remain permanent, much like gravity never wears down resulting in objects failing to fall toward a heavier mass. Such a magnetic motor, short of its bearings wearing out, would in theory run forever, needing only an initial outside force to kick start.

In my independently scientifically documented testing, completed in March of 2003, I was able to demonstrate the validity of my magnetic motor's basic principles. A fixed-positioned, low-voltage electromagnet will cause a permanent magnet to move toward it when switched on, even though the electromagnet has far less magnetic force. Interestingly also, a permanent magnet piston will move toward the weaker electromagnet a greater distance than a nonmagnetic iron piston of identical dimensions and weight, which one can conclude means a permanent magnet apparently lends its own energy to its own motion.

Electric current today is generated by moving a conductor through the magnetic field generated by two opposed permanent magnets. Electricity is induced to flow through the conductor as a result. So we've been harnessing magnetic energy all along to create electricity. However instead of building hydroelectric dams or burning coal to generate steam to cause a conductor to move back and forth through a magnetic field, my invention moves magnets directly, harnessing their natural and intrinsic attractive and repelling motion. It is that simple.

For complete details of the tests conducted, the patent application, drawing specs, as well as my personal theories as to why magnets have "free" power one can put to practical use download this pdf (5.6Mb). The name I chose for this invention indicates my personal theory of the relationship between the "dark matter" of physics and magnetism, however this is not proven. In any case, the energy within a magnet can be taken advantage of as described here.

I seek professionals in the appropriate fields to test my theories, redo my tests and prove me right or wrong. If such testing demonstrates there is merit to my discovery, the next step is to continue where personal funding has not permitted, to build and test a magnetic motor prototype as detailed in the downloadable file mentioned above.

Although I anticipate remuneration for my invention, I also recognize that if what I have discovered is true, its ramifications and importance far exceed personal gain. I am sure that I do not have to spell it out for you, the reader: I am talking about the planet becoming free from polluting and radioactive fuels, the solution to global warming, and many other ramifications. I also feel strongly that the only means to ensure this discovery realizes its full potential is to widely disseminate its existence.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I think it is important. Perhaps you will too.

Should you wish to discuss this with me personally, my contact details are below.

David R. Sannes
Consulting Engineer
1751 N. Winona Blvd., No. 2
Los Angeles, CA 90027-3824
Tel: (323) 953-7919
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