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hydrogen cell

Stan Meyer had found a more efficent way to create hydrogen from water.

A Super Gen HHO generator installed in a Ford F-150 pickup truck. Here we have the vehicle running on HHO gas only, although not ... all ยป recommended using HHO a an only source of fuel you can see that it can be done. MagDrive specializes in HHO hybrid on demand fuel systems that work along with your vehicle's engine to increase fuel milage and vehicle performance. The ressults are clean emissions, longer oil change and tune up intervals.
An installed MagDrive Super Gen HHO generator. - Google Video

the continous HHO production performed by a MagDrive Super Gen HHO generator. This is being done thru electrolysis using 12 vlts DC and appx 15 amps of current.
Displaying HHO gas production from a MagDrive Super gen - Google Video

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