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Louis Brennan monorail car

On the 8th of May 1907, Mr. Louis Brennan exhibited, at a meeting of the Royal Society in London, a piece of mechanism which stirred the imagination of every beholder and, reported next morning by the newspapers, aroused the amazed interest of the world. This invention consists of a car that runs on a single rail, standing erect like a bicycle when in motion, but, unlike the bicycle, remaining equally stable when at rest. If a weight is placed on one edge of the car, that side rises higher instead of being lowered. If you push against the side with your hand, the mysterious creature you feel that it must be endowed with life is actually felt to push back as if resenting the affront. If the track on which it runs consisting of an ordinary gas-pipe or a cable of wire is curved, even very sharply, the car follows the curve without difficulty, and, in apparent defiance of ordinary laws of motion, actually leans inward, as a bicycle-rider leans, under the same circumstances, instead of careening outward, as one might expect.
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