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Einstein and the Deamons

Compared to Maxwell and Tesla Einstein was just a god fearing midget.Image But lets not get lost here. Science the way we have it has lots of potential, humans by nature have lots of potential. To deny any of those 2 would indicate superb braindedness.

There are awfully simple things that can be improved massively around today's research and development system. Lets stay with Einstein for a second.  If we look at his history there are some horrible mistakes that even a 12 year old can spot.

Because of Einstein's late speech development and his later childhood tendency to ignore any subject in school that bored him — instead focusing intensely only on what interested him — some observers at the time suggested that he might be "retarded," such as one of the Einstein's housekeepers.

So, genius (A) goes to school (B) and ends up bored (C)



When Einstein was five, his father showed him a small pocket compass, and Einstein realized that something in "empty" space acted upon the needle; he would later describe the experience as one of the most revelatory events of his life. He built models and mechanical devices for fun and showed great mathematical ability early on.

The most revelatory event of his life? Doesn't he mean educational? Or wait, that's something totally different isn't it? LOL!!

In 1889, a medical student named Max Talmud (later: Talmey), who visited the Einsteins on Thursday nights for 6 years, introduced Einstein to key science and philosophy texts, including Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.

Hummmm, I wonder what would have happened if that never happened?

Two of his uncles would further foster his intellectual interests during his late childhood and early adolescence by recommending and providing books on science, mathematics and philosophy.

Here 2 uncles take over the funding of the future of the world?

Einstein attended the Luitpold Gymnasium, where he received a relatively progressive education. He began to learn mathematics around age twelve; in 1891, he taught himself Euclidean plane geometry from a school booklet and began to study calculus 4 years later; Einstein realized the power of axiomatic deductive reasoning from the book of Euclid's Elements, which Einstein called the "holy little geometry book" (given by Max Talmud). While at the Gymnasium, Einstein clashed with authority and resented the school regimen, believing that the spirit of learning and creative thought were lost in such endeavors as strict memorization.

I see loads of errors in this! The system didn't welcome him as a hero?

I'm sure we are capable of making a system that does identify the people we need to invent our stuff?

Nature is an incredibly interesting thing, that goes for science to. But you cant deny the human potential of making things better I think.

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