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bicycle flywheel torque limiter

I love impractical inventions, for me the fun is in the journey not some place on destination. Of course something still has to be truly new to qualify.

It's safe to say 99% of the stuff we have was 'invented' by the wrong person. I come to this conclusion true doing research on my own ideas. It strikes me how hard it still is to find those other people who have already made or even sell the invention. Before the Internet this kind of labor was unthinkable. They say Edison invented the light bulb? I'm sure he was a really smart man but global research was WAAAAY beyond technical ability in those days. We have our pathetically documented history to prove it. We have no idea what happened, let alone when or where it was.

Years ago I've started laughing and pointing at people who pretend we are on top of development and moving forward as we speak. Never in history was technology so developed at it is today. THATS what they want you to believe.

It's hilarious, dumb, arrogant and most of all it's just stupid to even think such a think. Peeps who are ignorant enough to speak such utter rubbish are living prove of our general stupidity.

And stupidity is growing again. People have no idea what so ever how the world around them works, we know less about it as we ever did. If you take 15 seconds to objectively look at the  information media you see it's nothing but a novelty toy. TV's are to make you laugh.

Development of the mind is so pathetic nowadays I cant even use the word spiritual without being madly misunderstood.

Beyond the pain and suffering of learning something there is a world of rewards waiting for you, rewarding yourself in such way is the biggest gift you could receive in life.

But you have to actually start some place. You need to be able to see that learning something has that reward to it. But if no-one around you shows you this processes you will just not know about it. 

If it wasn't for that child hood effort you made to learn to read you would not be able to understand a freakin word of what I wrote. At that time you really had no idea it would all lead to this. You knowledge was not absolute and your vision did not include all possibilities, much like our "know it all" kind of science.

I'm currently working at further improving the pretended divine perfection we call the bicycle. People will say it's impossible to improve it. It will be fun to point and laugh at them once again. bwhahaha

So far the principal I plan to utilize evolves around flywheels, centrifugal forces and most of all the inwards and outwards movement of weights on the flywheel.

When you spin around and raise your arms you slow down. Weight moved towards the outside of the circle decreases the speed of rotation. But as you have probably seen in ice skating, moving your arms back 'inside' actually speeds up rotation.

My general idea is to attach weights on springs to the flywheel. When rotating they will move outwards but only above it's configured speed. This will limit the speed of the wheel, it does go faster but most of the extra energy is 'waisted' on moving the weights outwards on the flywheel. Now when we decelerate the wheel the weights will move inside and accelerate again. The energy that disappeared above critical speed is now reintroduced into the system.

Before it will slow down as usual it will continue to spin at it's configured speed until the weights are moved all the way back inwards.

I've figured out this apparatus is called a govener.

torque limiter on GlobalSpec

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