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RE: RE: knowledge the drug of our nations
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1) there may not be room for everyone unemployed to join the workforce, but it could happen.

Sure but why bother? They just need food not jobs?

As more people start working, more income is created, more spending, and therefore more expansion by business and new small business looking for help.

But we are not here to look after businesses, the businesses are here to look after us.

Now that the ghetto has people with cash to spend, stores start popping up at every corner to sell more expensive toys. Once people who had nothing start to gain wealth, they become "consultants" or "life coaches" getting paid to teach others how to do the same.

But income is the opposite of free time. The personal trainer is much overrated, we should have multimedia learning tools it's 2006! There is no need for schools anymore, parents can educate their own children. They would have lots of fun. Isolating a group of people by age is the dumbest possible formula to learn about the world. Education is never finished either.

Being an official consultant should be a big honour I think. But most jobs can be eliminated without any loss of social life.

2) i think we have shifted away from manual labor, to an extent. we are mainly a service driven economy. America does not create physical things so much as new ideas. Look at the services offered via the net, yahoo does not "create" a service, neither does google.

you may not believe it but there are people who can create both the ideas of that quality and there are people able to code it up. The moment it also needs an astronomic marketing budget to become financial viable is big nonsense and makes private coding a waist of time. Pure propaganda true media, we call it commerce and it's only good for misinformation.

How about software makers. Is that a "labor" or a "service" it is created but not in the way that cotton was created.

The software fairytale is also funny. Just because all programing environments today sucks doesn't mean it isn't possible to create good software to make software. Trust me, anything we use today can be written by a 12 year old in a month or so.

Look at our export of media, from sports,

Sports you do for fun!! not for cash!!


is spoiled with entertainment, we will replace it with 100% education and "the news by real people".


Fun, lets make a movie? I mean if we have nothing to do all day? I'm sure it will be fun.

and music.

Same as sports, how dare people make music for profit. We have enough real music that is free already.

We have grown beyond picking cotton, but still require "workers." A company would not keep workers if they did not add value to their company.

The best way to learn is to visit such companies and view their presentations.

Big empty buildings with video screens everywhere and a hand full of visitors, students and entogiasts.

Take Home Depot, they replaced a number of their tellers with automated machines for checkouts. But that allows them more staff on the floor to suggest add-on products to customers and increasing sales. They make more money because someone is always making sure a customer buys as much as they want.

yes, isn't that crazy? They buy more marketing for our money? Image

3) Don't we currently have a system that rewards innovation? Don't startups that do the job better then the old guard eventually replace them, or agree to be bought out?

That is a trailer load of work, we should just reward the inventor for writing down what he invented. He should not get millions for it but a permanent increase in income, status, access and privileges.

Google started preforming web search better than anything else, and now it is the forerunner in search. Isn't that the reward?

The reward is to big and to late.

4) people are people. The best we can do is allow room for failure, success, and meritocracy. Some people will try for greatness, some will fall through the cracks, and some will be more than happy to "just get by." What we do is allow a system that allows the best to flourish, the mediocre to get by, and make sure those that fail don't fall too far.

I think we are far to demanding, people should be able to relax when they earn enough to feed themselves and life should be as cheap as possible.

For example, we could forbid earning more as 5000$ the most expensive consultant would work 10 hours per month on average in one year or so.

Exceptions can be made for example surgeons who need to train their skills. But we can reward them much more direct. Of course they should get a castle and a few new cars. The point is that only a selected few get a full time working permit.

Normal people get a free hotel visit and a state of the art business presentation down to economy, production physics and the industry history. If they make cans of soup the visitor should know everything there is to know about making soup and more after leaving the place and do so true personal interest.

We cant do it over-night but slowly we can replace marketing with education.

Because marketing is a kind of misinformation, it just stops working if the customer starts comparing things.

People are curious by nature, to force them works counter creative.

There will always be people who enjoy milking cows if we provide them with the right tools.

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