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Entry for November 05, 2006

" The human condition is what I deal with every day I work. Bottom line is that the personality is inborn and the attitudes are pretty well set by age 8. After that, it is just a constant remodeling process. If the foundation is solid, then remodeling of attitudes can be fairly successful. Problem is, there is a world full of people out there with a weak foundation, and those people are having trouble pouring a good foundation for their kids. The remodeling is a disaster, so you slap a fresh coat of prozac on and hope no one notices all the holes in the wall.

Now I have only lived one life up to age 49, but I can tell you that most people mellow as they get older and gain perspective. My kind 89 year old grandfather told me stories of becoming frustrated with my infant father and literally throwing him into the bushes and telling his mother to take care of the baby. That infant became the father who thoroughly intimidated me but is now the 82 year who just doesn't fight with anyone anymore. I have 4 children who say that I was a very intimidating father. I was just modeling the behavior I was brought up with. I thought I was much more reasonable as a father than my Dad, and since I was never thrown in the bushes, he thinks he was a much more reasonable father to me.

Losing myself here.....Anyway, I don't know if the collective parenting skills are progressing or regressing. They may just be standing still. Every generation seems to claim that the one following them will be the ruin of society. I just wish sometimes I could go back 2 or 3 hundred years and compare the different styles to ours today.

All this to say, I never permitted any video games in the house for my kids. I know they played at their friends houses. They always complained. second son, now 23, said to me that he was old enough now to say that he agreed with my decision and was glad they weren't around. He watched too many college classmates waste their days playing videos.

And that is my problem with videos. They occupy time without adding any meaning to life. No one is progressing. It is junk food, it is the blue pill, it adds nothing to the collective good. They don't contribute to a good foundation and they are worthless remodelers."

I've played some games myself until I became aware I was not doing anything.

I actually started out as an assembly program but end users got more and more restricted from writing code so I end up adding demos to games then only playing them. Now we are so technologically 'advanced' we have games without any winning or lousing in em. Just like writing code is out of the question.

Unless we manage to show the world the way it is we will assume that bad shape at 8 and stay in it.

this guy read a few 100 books before the age of 5, he seems some whta smarter as the rest?