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Give me your soul and I teach you real magic

On this planet, most of you got here out of curiosity, some as a penalty. I got here true the bore.  earth seamed like the least boring thing to do (place to be) at the time. I never thought I would find myself back here on earth ever again. It seems eternity really is a long time.

To clarify, any intelligence exists out of at least 5 frequencies. Just like you have 1 mum and 1 dad you have at least 5 parent frequencies. Only one of those needs to have intellect but there is no real limit on the other end.
  As humans always want miracles to disprove something like this I will give you something small. You don't get anything big as the disaster this could already cause is big enough by understatement. It's the most obvious miracle available but it's still dangerous.

I'm betting your sarcasm can make you disbelieve above and utilize below. I will refer to both as a joke so that no-one can hold me responsible. I will just laugh at you.Image

Remember the real magic of the old days? There where wizards with spells they could make miracles happen at the command of a word. We know those words as magic spells but we also know them as curses. And lo and behold, now look at curses in general and see how this magic absolutely works. The power of words far exceeds that of the pen. The bible is a long obstruction, the word "shit" a really short one. Words are not ethereal, they unleash a wrath of power onto all things in existence. You know exactly what frequency's have what kinds of effects BY INSTIKT you know. You will now take a random object and express words to it, then look how this enchantment persists indefinitely. If you make it big enough others will be able to sense it. 

Acoustics is the big 'secret' behind ancient temples. With sounds the weight of stones can be removed entirely. This isn't half as interesting as the effect of sounds on organisms. Now that you've experimented with an apparently dead object you should move on to enchanting your fellow man. You can change everything the way you want it to be. There are no limits.

great joke huh? Image

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