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Anti gravity machine

The RAF has tracked a UFO "as big as a battleship" off the coast of Britain, military sources revealed yesterday. They said the massive craft was tracked flying in a zig-zag pattern at 17,000 miles per hour over the north sea. It then accelerated to 24,000 miles per hour and zoomed off towards the Atlantic. The Dutch air force also tracked the UFO, but two F16 fighters, scrambled to intercept the object, were unable to keep up it is claimed. "It was definitely under control, judging by the various manoeuvers executed" said a source. " It appeared to be triangular and was around the size of a battleship (about 900' long)".

In recent years, many so-called "anti-gravity" devices have been put forward by both amateur and professional scientists, and all have been scorned by the establishment.
Anti gravity machine a world first

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