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Hildenbrand magnet motor

.......I had been working on and off on a magnetic holding device before and I figured it would be a good time to continue working on it. Well I experimented with the device for several years and finally got it working the way I wanted it.

This device increases the holding power of an electro magnet to four times its original power. (See Emery/Leedskalnin Perpetual Motion Holder [below])

And also provides a way to turn a permanent magnet on or off to any external metal objects. (See Radus Magnetic Boots [below])

After experimenting with this new device I realized that it could also be used to generate power as in a motor. I then spent several weeks building a test device to see if this could be used to power an electric motor. The first motor I built was very small but worked exceptionally well. It produced about 1/16 hp and turned around 6000 rpm.

Also this motor proved to be very efficient, using only about 600 ma at 36 vdc. I also noticed with this motor that when the rpm was loaded down to around 500 rpm that the current did not increase much. The amps did not increase much above 1 amp. Now if you compare this to any current dc motor of comparable size, on motor loading the amps jumped up to around 20 amps.
KeelyNet 2005 - Hildenbrand high efficiency motor - 11/13/05
January 09, 2007 - When the motor is finished within the next three weeks I will have a video of it self running, and doing work. I hope. This motor has never run yet, my calculations tell me it will, however I cannot gerante anything. Later,,,,,,,,,Jack W Hildenbrand - Hildenbrand Magnet Motor

Leedskalnin Perpetual Motion Holder

Several years ago, I downloaded from your website - (, Ed's books and magnetic current and have kept them filed away. That is until recently when I pulled them out for the history class. If the student wished to receive an 'A' they could either do a project or write a fifteen page paper. I choose the prior. The project was instigated when the professor mentioned perpetual motion, particularly the impossibility-because of the laws of thermodynamics. The professor was more than willing to approve my attempting perpetual motion, but with obvious skepticism. Using Ed Leedskalnins specifications I built his device for perpetuating motion. Unfortunately, there is not much availability for soft iron leaving me no choice but to use regular steel, which is almost impossible to bend. I was able to barter with a machinist to have the device cut out of one solid piece of steel.....
Emery Version - Leedskalnin Perpetual Motion Holder - KeelyNet 06/05/03

Radus Magnetic Boots
Well, it doesn't take a genius to see that, when you can switch a permanent magnet's fields easily, and the magnet also has a built-in memory as did the Radus magnets, then with a little ingenuity in switching one could use such switchable magnets to produce a self-switching, self-powered permanent magnet motor. The magnet, being a permanent dipole, is already a particular kind of "free energy generator", since it continuously gates magnetic energy directly from the vacuum due to its asymmetry in the energetic vacuum flux.
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